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Venue information with real-time info to match your mood. Venues can update menu items and pricing based on historical customer orders.

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Venue Management can update and edit menu items in real time which can be purchased by patrons in their venue. Once an order is complete the patron will be alerted his/her order is ready.

We’ve created a way for venues to see and communicate with their actual customers in real time. User to user communication is also highly encouraged.

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  • Paperless and Cashless System

    Stir can be used as a completely paperless / cashless system if you choose. All receipts can be emailed to customers and all transactions can be done through mobile devices. Welcome to the future of payment; it's greener than ever before.

  • Remote Login & Reporting

    We are a browser based Point of Sale. Business owners and managers can login from anywhere around the world to see their live revenue and current customer numbers. If you own a single boutique or a chain of shops, this is the best way to get the clear picture of what’s happening 24/7.

  • Collect & Understand Valuable Data

    Data is a powerful tool that can help you to understand your business and your customers. With real time information such as customer demographics, latest buying trends, most efficient staff and top rated product, you can make better and more informed decisions.

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    Push Notifications

    Be the venue in your area that everyone talks about by increasing engagement with walk-by notifications. We strategically place push notifications of your venue's specials, happy hours, and menu items at the right time to our users to bring you more customers. Drop us a line for more information and pricing.

Reach your customers.

We enable venues to reach loyal patrons and new customers nearby.

Enhance a guest experience by providing tailored recommendations from your venue’s menu based upon historical data.

Guest Detection

Detect when users enter or leave a location and detect how long they are there.

Spending Behavior

Data and insights based on guests making purchases in your venue.

Adaptive Technology

Use your own equipment. It's time to stop using expensive point of sales.

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Enhance your guests’ experience by providing tailored recommendations from your venue’s menu based upon historical buying behavior.