Pop-up bars have come a long way from mixologists setting up shop for a few days to share their new and exciting concoctions. Increasingly, people are in search of a wholly unique experience, in addition to the unique cocktails. In response to this demand from consumers, pop up bars have been upping the ante and seek to deliver high concept venues that will have people clamoring to get in before it’s gone. Enter Maison St. Germain just off London’s SOHO Square.

This beautiful and elegant pop up bar takes florals to all new heights at every level, from the elaborate floral arrangements and decor to the floral themed cocktails. Originating from New York, this speakeasy themed pop up was conceived as a nod to Paris’ années folles during the roaring twenties.

Maison St. Germain’s weekend stint will definitely be an unmissable event for the London bar nightlife scene, and is truly an event not to be overlooked by any Londoner looking for an unforgettable night on the town.