The Walker Inn in Los Angeles’ hip and booming Koreatown is doing something completely unlike any other bar right now. Rather than serving booze to customers until they blackout, the bartenders at The Walker Inn carefully curate a tasting menu of cocktails with each one complementing the last.

The hidden speakeasy resides deep inside The Normandie Club which is also accessible to The Walker Inn — yes, it is a speakeasy within a club, within a hotel.

Their manner of serving drinks takes its cues from the Japanese style of omakase dining, where customers, rather than choose the food themselves, are told what to eat and in what order to eat it. The bartenders at The Walker Inn are entirely devoted to quality serving up quality cocktails and want to ensure that their customers can enjoy them as fully as possible.

Increasingly the trend for consumers to want a unique dining experience has grown, and The Walker Inn is looking to try take a model that has long been used for fine dining and translate that into drinking. So far it’s working since the bar landed itself squarely on the esteemed Top 50 Bars in the World list.