Oddjob is an inimitable staple in the San Francisco bar scene. It’s bright turquoise-patterned facade on the corner of Washburn and Mission in SoMa is just as iconic and intriguing as the cocktails offered within.

The atmosphere of this modern saloon is candidly relaxed and chill. The interior emanates warmth as light from the vintage light bulbs above the bar reflect off the wood paneled interior, leaving its many patrons awash in a warm, comfortable glow.

When asked what keeps bringing people back to Oddjob instead of any of the other many bars in the city, one regular patron responded:

“I dig the interesting decor, the unfailingly cheerful bartenders, the photo area, and the good prices -for SF!”

Oddjob’s iconic glass-topped conveyor belt bar.

This sentiment certainly rings true. The engaging and chill environment of the bar is not the only thing that draws crowds here. Oddjob also offers an intriguing selection of drinks at unbeatable San Francisco prices. Two particularly delightful selections from the signature cocktail menu include the Back Room Shenanigans, a frothy drink with hints of licorice mixed with the freshness of gin, and the Chasing Sunbeams With Wallace, a refreshing twist on a classic whiskey sour which uses such surprising ingredients as turmeric and honeycomb.

Oddjob has happy hour Monday through Friday from 5–7pm which includes a list of discounted cocktails that change each week. One would be hardpressed to find a similar place that offers a happy hour like this, without sacrificing any of the cool factor.


You’d be hard-up to find as friendly and welcoming a bouncer as the one at Oddjob.

So, the next time you find yourself looking for an unique way to start your San Francisco night out without the uniquely San Francisco price tag attached, make your way over to SoMa and give Oddjob’s happy hour a try. It most certainly won’t be your last visit.