When in search of the perfect gin and tonic, no place in San Francisco can argue their devotion to perfecting the drink more than Whitechapel.

A Saturn: №209 Victorian dry gin, falernum, orgeat, passion fruit, lemon. $11

This immersive bar on Polk Street, named for the East London neighborhood where Jack the Ripper stalked his victims, serves up classic British bar and pub fare in an entirely unique environment. The rounded ceilings, tiled walls, and rusted pipes evoke the feeling of being in an old Tube station, while the red velvet booths, mahogany bar, and beautifully lit gin collection gives the space an old world feel of grandeur.

If the environment isn’t enough to satisfy one’s inner Anglophile the bar offerings certainly will. Whitechapel knows that it does one thing especially well, and that is creating unique gin-based drinks, which is why its menu is comprised almost entirely of them. Especially great selections from their menu include their Gimlet, Saturn, and their original cocktail a Ginfusion. For the more adventurous group night out try the Orange Fennel Bowl, a unique and divine concoction of Death’s door gin, galliano, Italian vermouth, fennel juice, lime, and orange marmalade. Another option is to simply ask one of the many master bartenders to handcraft a cocktail specifically tailored to your mood.

What Whitechapel boasts most about is their gin and tonic, the deceptively simple drink that can be especially hard to perfect. The Whitechapel Fountain G&T boasts Beefeater dry gin, and a custom tonic created specifically for the bar using all natural ingredients and “exotic botanicals.” The result is an incredibly refreshing iteration on this British classic.

If ever you’re in search for a proper gin-based drink, or want to get a taste of London in the heart of San Francisco head to Whitechapel for a jolly good night on the town.