New York City has one of the best and exciting bar scenes in the world. One aspect of what makes it so good is how there are an innumerable number of bars across the city, so many in fact that you’re hard pressed to find them all. Although for a few bars they’d prefer to stay that way.

Here’s your guide to all the secret bars, and speakeasies of New York, and how to find them.


Why to go: The delicious drinks such as the ginger-Scotch concoction “Penicillin” or one of the master bartender’s choice for you.
How to find it: Knock or ring the buzzer at 134 Eldridge Street (look for a window marked with M&H Tailors and Alterations)


The Back Room

Why to go: Rumored to be one of two continuously operating Prohibition-era speakeasies.
How to find it: Descend the stairs of the “Lower East Side Toy Company,” wind through the back alley, then head back up some stairs to the entrance.


Sunshine Laundromat

Why to go: It’s as unpretentious a speakeasy as you’re gonna find, arcade games, plus beer and wine.
How to find it: Push past piles of laundry and clunking dryers to the back, where you’ll find what appears to be a stand-alone dryer; that’s the entrance.


PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

Why to go: Considered one of the most influential bars on modern mixology.
How to find it: Step into the wooden photo booth inside Crif Dogs and dial “1” — just once! — and a host will offer an estimated wait time.